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at aspen hill smiles, we are proud to have great service and personalized dental care. 

At Rockville Family Dentistry we take a family approach. Richard G. Wyne D.D.S. and his staff offer comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages – from kids to seniors in a relaxing and friendly environment.

In operation for 40 years, we’ve seen generations of patients pass through our doors. Our Rockville family dentist, Dr. Wyne , was lucky enough to be a patient of Dr. Kass prior to his retirement. Dr. Wyne’s goal is to continue offering the high level of service and carry on the tradition of giving personalized dental care tailored to meeting patient’s individual needs.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry

We love helping your children develop good oral hygiene habits — Not dental phobias.

Rockville Family Dentistry is kid-friendly! We welcome children as patients. We’ve created a fun and friendly environment to make them feel comfortable as soon as they arrive. When your child visits, Dr. Wyne D.D.S. will not only examine your child’s teeth, he’ll show you how to care for them at home and instill in your child the importance of caring for their teeth and gums. He can also address issues that impact a child’s future dental health like thumb sucking and pacifiers. It’s also about preventing future tooth and gum problems. Now’s the time to start.


“Dr. Wyne is cut from the cloth of medical professionals of decades past. He is a healthcare professional FIRST and a businessman second. He cares about his patients’ health as opposed to the blatant greed exhibited by other local dentists who will sell you a bridge or crown you do not need. I HIGHLY recommend him! He is thorough, professional, knowledgeable, careful and – notable for a dentist – GENTLE.”

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