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Toothache after recent Dental Work


The most common reason a tooth might hurt after a recent filling or crown is that your bite is off.  When you are numb it can be difficult for you to bite down correctly and sometimes because of this the dentist doesn't get a good read on it.  This can very often be fixed with a very quick adjustment of the bite by the dentist.  Usually no numbing is required.   

If the work is not yet complete, meaning you have a temporary filling, crown, or root canal, you can still have some discomfort.  

If a crown was done because of cracked tooth syndrome, sometimes it takes a while to settle.  Sometimes that tooth does end up still needing a root canal if the crack has gotten all of the way to the nerve

A root canal can take a while to settle down after completion.  

Soreness or sensitivity after a cleaning is not uncommon, particularly if it was a deep cleaning.  This generally will go away within a few weeks.

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