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Aching or Pain on chewing with No Recent Dental Work and No facial swelling


Recent trauma to the area?  If you are having tooth pain after a blow to the mouth.  Come in right away so we can check and make sure everything is OK.  x-rays will be needed to be sure none of the teeth roots or jaw is broken.  

No recent trauma?  If we have pain on chewing with no recent trauma, no swelling, and no recent dental work there are a couple possible causes.  

1.) You can traumatize a tooth without realizing it.  Biting to hard or grinding at night can cause this type of pain.  

2.)  You could have what is called cracked tooth syndrome.  This is where a crack is developing within a tooth.  A crown is generally required to help hold everything together.  

3.)  You could have an infection of the tooth.  This requires either a root canal or an extraction.  

Please contact us right away so we can evaluate you and figure out which one of these problems it is.  

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