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Hot or Cold sensitivity that goes away in Under 10 seconds


If the hot or cold sensitivity goes away in under 10 seconds this is a normal response of the nerve which is a very good sign.  Lingering pain to hot or cold is a sign the nerve is dying.  

There are a few possible causes to hot/cold sensitivity that lasts for under 10 seconds.  

1.)Whitening/tartar control toothpastes/Other whitening products.  

Whitening toothpaste is the #1 cause of sensitivity.  Toothpaste is a fine grit sand used to polish your teeth clean.  Whitening/tartar control toothpaste is a coarse grit sand that scraps away at your teeth more then regular toothpaste.  This is an extremely common cause of sensitivity.  

2.) Cavities.  Very small cavities do not hurt.  As it grows to medium or large size the tooth can start to become sensitive to hot or cold

3.) Gum recession.  As your gums recede it exposes more and more of the tooth root which can be very sensitive.  

4.)  Grinding.  Grinding your teeth at night can make your teeth sensitive.  

5.) If a filling fell out, tooth broke, crown came off the tooth is now missing some of its natural insulation.  This can cause sensitivity.  

Please contact us right away so we can help find the cause and the proper solution for your sensitivity.  

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